The Best & Hardest of 2011

The Best (& Hardest) of 2011
Well, the most viewed and a couple of my favorites.

I struggled with whether I should include the sadness in this post, but it is a large part of why I disappeared from the blogosphere for so long, so I really feel I need to include it.

2011 was the hardest year for me in a very long time.  In addition to other things, I lost my very best friend to cancer on September 18, 2011.  She had fought with an unbelievable strength, long and hard for five years and left behind three young boys and a husband who loved her dearly.  I'm glad that she's no longer in pain, but it was really a lot harder than I expected it to be when she passed.  Her husband and I became good friends, though, and we still talk about her when we're reminded of things she'd do or say.

That whole thing really threw me for a loop and I struggled to keep my house in order.  I definitely wasn't up to posting recipes.  This was my reality, though, and although this isn't really a terribly 'personal' blog... eh, its my life.

It actually helped me today to go back and see what posts people enjoyed... it reminded me that there was a lot of happy times last year, and lots of yummy food. Seriously, my mouth was watering while I looked through pictures.

I had a lot of fun going through the posts from the happy times, my favorites are mostly when my husband is on video showing his reaction to the food I made.  That, and our Anniversary Post.  I love my hubby so much:)

2011 Wrapped up as having been both the worst, and the best year.  We ended on a good upswing and started on our new Puppeteering Journey.  So I guess whatever the case may be, no matter how down things are, in this rollercoaster of life, there is always another peak coming eventually!

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