Our Real Modern Family Youtube

Welcome to my page about my Youtube channel.  

This is where I post reaction videos, family videos, our fun cooking show remakes, hilarious wisdom teeth videos, the girls silly videos, play clips from the plays I've written and directed and whatever else I can find.

Get to know our family... here are some of my favorites:

My 15 year old son after getting his wisdom teeth out (and he watched Ellen and Barney Stinson clips on his ipod as he went under...)  You can see the rest of the 5 parts of that day by clicking through to youtube, including my other son in his teary eyed plea for BACON.

My 10 year old daughter doing her best impression of Ellen's Dancing on The Ellen Degeneres Show

The day that Paris had us all do our own version of the cooking show "Chopped".  Thankfully, none of us knew what we were getting into!

Some rehearsal footage of a play I wrote called "Prince Awesome's Story" with the HILARIOUS "Snively" the villain meeting with the Princess and her family.

My own personal style of directing children.  *Ahem*  
"We're actually in more of a hurry than we were yesterday, when we were actually in a hurry."