My Favorite Educational DVDs

My favorites are available in many forms online for free, possibly at your local  library, or in my store both as 'watch it streaming online' or in DVD or book form.  If you want to buy through my store, you can click on the image to go to my store and buy it!
Food, Inc.  *I also watched this with my Nutrition class and it had quite the impact on my students as well!  VERY well presented.  A lot of colorful informative graphics that really condense the info in a way that makes it memorable and keeps kids' attention.  This was a great dvd.  My younger girls watched it THREE times.

Supersize Me *Our first step to cutting out junkfood.  I haven't eaten McD's type food again.  It helped the kids cut wayyyyy down!  Some non kid approriate stuff in here, so use your best judgement.  My husband and I watched it with the kids and just skipped the parts we didn't think they needed to see.

A Beautiful Truth *LONG.  We watched this in parts.  It was a project started by a omeschooled boy in Alaska doing a project and it turned into this really deep documentary.  It was pretty amazing.  And FULL of info.  Not quite as kid friendly (ie: Not as fast paced and entertaining as the others) but full of good info.  You can cut it into parts and just watch one section/topic at a time.  Definitely worth watching!!

Food For Life by Vegan Gal.  This was what convinced my son to go vegetarian.  It was incredibly informative, she not only explained the health reasons behind eating vegan, but then she showed you how to SHOP!  Actually went to a health foods store and showed where to find things, how to find the right stuff, AND THEN went home to show you how to prepare the foods!!  It was AWESOME.  If I EVER find a battery for my 'real' video camera, I plan on doing some features like this on this blog.  AND she went to a restaurant and showed all the different things she could order from the menu and what to ask for/change on the items they had.  This was the BEST, most helpful DVD I've ever seen.