How I got my Kids to Eat Clean

So, Back in November of 2010, I let Kainan go to the store with Sprite and Bobo.

You'd never know it from this picture, but they are quite responsible adults.  Really.
From my LJ: Kainan went to Walmart with Sprite and Garrett last night and they played some new game on some gaming system (I know NOTHING about them). He came home asking if he could 'earn' the right to buy one. I've always been adamantly against them, mainly because my HUSBAND gets so completely addicted that it causes huge issues. Or rather, it causes him to repeatedly and constantly stay up in another room playing them until he falls asleep and can't function or spend anytime/attention on the rest of us. *Update, he has been MUCH better about this THIS time around!
Because only having a python to play with gets boring.

The game system will still fall under rules of computer usage and limited playing time, but he'll have one... he offered to give up all computer time for a year, but I made it being healthier instead. Something I've wanted him to do, and something He was wanting to do anyway. This way I figure he'll have even more incentive.

At any rate, I still figure I'm pretty freaking lucky to have a child who wants to barter for the right to have something that all of his friends were given for free years ago. He said, "I finally got up the courage to ask, if that gives you any idea how bad I want it." He is SO excited... its cute.

I said I was going to write a parenting book, and Sprite said, "Yeah, 'How to raise messed up kids" which may very well be true. 

And THIS will be the cover of the book:)
But what about the other kids?
 For the rest of the kids, it was purely education.  We watched my favorite educational nutritional DVDs (over time and my three younger kids were sold on changing our diet.  

That's all it took!  It was a gradual process... and it still IS a process.  We aren't where I want to be yet, but we're heading there.

When I started a blog, and my hubby decided to get healthier as well... that made things even easier.  Having to come up with variety has made it so much more "doable"  

I love it and I have loads of support and wonderfully healthy children who are interested in learning about food and nutrition.  There are tons of wonderful documentaries that we watch on Netflix "Watch It Now".  

*The kids do get one 'free' day a month where they can eat anything they want... as long as they don't go completely hog wild and make themselves sick.

We've found now that even our oldest son has started to crave fruit instead of his box a day of Mike & Ikes!  YES!