Sunday, January 9, 2011

Clean Eating Meal Plans for this week

Planning is always good.  Co-op starts this week, which means I need some lunchbox-able foods.  I had thought the muffins would be great, but they all got eaten (all 150 of them in two days!)  I guess I'll have to make more.  We never did make the pork stir fry because we had so many leftovers and other things that just went further than we expected.  This whole concept of eating whole foods really REALLY does fill you up more than processed stuff.

This week (*new blogging recipes and one 'redo')
  • More muffins!  Banana and pumpkin, since those are the ones we already have ingredients for.
  • *Salsa
  • *Mexican Pasta with aforementioned home made salsa
  • *Pork Stir Fry with Brown Rice
  • *Chicken Veggie Roasted Garlic Soup with Wild Rice and Lentils I just went to cook the chicken to find out that we hardly have any left.  We'll make *Broiled Tilapia with a clean eating sauce, wild rice and mixed veggies as a side:)
  • *Whole Wheat Bread... do over (I'm looking for something lighter and fluffier)
  • More Pita Pizzas
  • *Blueberry muffins
  • *Spinach Bean Spread (I'm curious to experiment more with the bean dips, but I think I'll work in really small batches because I'm really new with the bean dip thing!)
  • We'll definitely have morevarieties of omelettes and fresh fruits and veggies.  My goal is to keep ready to eat fresh veggies easily available in the fridge, as well as boiled eggs.  And of course our protein shake each day.  This was our favorite this week: 
Frozen strawberries and Bananas (this makes it taste like frozen yogurt instead of a smoothie)  raw flaked coconut, plain yogurt, protein powder and water.   My kids and I LOVE these shakes... and they make a perfect shake or treat for the afternoon.  We try to have one each day.

Let's do it!
Any other ideas for future recipes?  Leave them in the comments!