Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Clean Eating #7: Quick and easy personal Pizzas

We love love love pizza.  Frozen pizzas, restaurant pizzas, cheap or expensive.  We love it.

I mean it.  Really.

Can you tell we love our food here?  If you watch this from 0:17 to 1:35, you will see what I mean when I say that my husband especially enjoys his food!

I saw this "Pizza Per Uno" idea in my Clean Eating Magazine and it looked super quick and easy, which are always on my mind:) 

I bought whole wheat pita breads with no HFC (something I'm trying to avoid completely and am hoping that I'm not missing it in the ingredients list of anything!!)

We set out some "clean" cheeses
Skim Mozzerella
Asiago (I'm not sure this is on CE, so I didn't use any.  I'm not as strict with the kids, though)

Grape Tomatoes
Baby Leaf Spinach
Marinara Sauce (that we made on Sunday)
Pizza seasonings:  sea salt, pepper, garlic, basil, red bell peppers, parsley & oregano

We would normally have some meats with it, but I forgot to thaw any, and we were starving.  Kainan thawed out some free range sausage for his, since he doesn't really need to watch his fat intake like I do and it was really good (yep, I took a bite).

The pizzas were WONDERFUL.  The girls raved that it was the best pizza ever and even better than eating out.  My thick crust loving 15 year old son is a bit pickier about having to eat "healthy" food, so he didn't rave.  I'm sure my husband will like it, but he'd enjoy a thicker crust too.  When I find a good clean bread recipe, I'll go ahead and make some pizza crusts with it for them.

Paris made hers a stuffed pizza by splitting the pita first.  Then, she was too full half way through, so Jaedin ate the rest with his salad.

Food Critic aka Kainan aka Sasquatch

The Bean aka The Monkey aka Abyni enjoying her boring cheese pizza (she's not as adventurous as the rest of us when it comes to weird things on her pizza.)