Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Clean Eating Shopping!

Clean Eating Shopping
Doesn't this look gorgeous??
You should know that if you shop is rural OK, you may get comments from your cashier like, "Wow.  You got a lot of weird food.  Are you from America?" and "How weird.  You don't have hardly anything in boxes!"

Money Saving Tip:  Apparently right after a bad storm, when everything has come to a stand still for days is the best time to buy fresh produce!  Its been sitting in the store with so few shoppers that they store needs to get rid of it NOW.  Not  only that, but MOST of the veggies will either last all month anyway, or you can prep and freeze them for the month anyway.  We're going back tomorrow to go ahead and buy everything for the month!

Time Saving Tip: Okay, first off, when you select, then cut and paste the grocery list from THIS POST to your hubby who is 'stranded' at the store.. make sure you don't forget the last ROW of things on the list!

He came home saying, "Wow!  The produce was super cheap and I found several things on sale... I got everything but just a few things, and it was only $202.00!!!"

Until we realized that he didn't get the last row of my shopping list.  Mainly some frozen foods, quinoa and brown rice.  There was also the stuff that WalMart didn't have:  tofu, cranberries, sesame seeds, feta, uncured lean ham, natural beef stock, industrial sized diced tomatoes and sauce and a block of Parmesan. 

Still, it was a good trip, he easily got more than a week's worth of groceries with what he DID get, and the other stuff isn't going to add up to ANOTHER $200.00, so I think we still did good.
On Sale for $1.08 a bag.

Mushrooms for our Beef Stroganoff!

The Raisin Bran was on sale, a big box for $3.00, and isn't totally "Clean", but the kids love it, and they managed to take out everything that I DON'T want except sugar, so they can eat it with their eggs or some sort of protein, and I'm good with that.  I will stick with my shredded wheat or Kashi cereals that I eat occasionally as a treat.

My husband said they didn't have cartons of chicken broth, so he got the organic stuff in cans because it was on sale.  I try not to buy canned goods unless they're labeled BPA free, but my hubby doesn't quite have the same passion for non-canned food as I do.   The ground turkey was $2.98 a package and there is 1/25 lbs in them.  Kind of expensive.

Yes, I want free range organic meat.  Its not in the cards right now.  Like everything else in my life, I just can't take on everything at once.  I'm working that direction, though!  I don't want to become the person who says, "I can't afford to do 110%, so I'm just not going to do it at all"

He got Greek Yogurt (hiding behind the Neufch√Ętel cheese) because it was only 30% more than the plain yogurt.  We're going to drain the regular yogurt and see how much actual thick yogurt we end up with to see if the cost difference is actually negligible.

Parsnips, Sweet Potatoes (for spicy oven fries) & Garlic

Now I have all the veggies and fruits arranged in baskets around the kitchen and its just SO pretty!  I love love love having food in the house!!  Have a WONDERFUL day!