Thursday, January 27, 2011

Questions Answered & February Meal Plan + Shopping List for Week One

Menu Plan Clean Eating February

Main Cookbooks this month:
My Brain:)

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Cranberries, almonds & flaxseed Porridge (w/quinoa) Chef's Salad with nuts & boiled eggs for extra protein Lasagna & Salad
Protein Smoothie w/frozen strawberries, bananas, nonfat Greek yogurt, water & protein Powder Leftovers & Roasted Green Beans w/Slivered Almonds Zucchini & Bell Pepper Casserole w/Tomato sauce & turkey meatballs
Chocolate Banana Nut Porridge (w/quinoa) Leftovers & Steamed Veggies Chicken Enchiladas w/homemade tortillas & Salad
Ham Egg & Cheese Pita Individual Chicken Pot Pie... clean! Chicken & Spicy Tomato Sauce Parcels
Protein Smoothie Pita Sandwiches & Salad Tuna Noodle Casserole
Turkey, egg & Cheese Turnovers Leftovers & Steamed Veggies Personal Pita Pizza
French Toast Sticks w/Agave Nectar & scrambled eggs Meatball Subs & Spicy Sweet Potato Fries Portobello Mushroom Stroganoff
Snacks (I post this list on the fridge so the kids can easily see what we have for snacks that week/month
  • Protein Shake with yogurt, frozen fruits & protein powder
  • Fresh Fruit & Cheese Stick
  • Fresh Apple or Celery & Nut Butter Dip (or peanut butter)
  • Lowfat Cottage Cheese or Yogurt w/ fresh/frozen fruit & granola
  • Fresh Fruit or Veggie & handful of nuts
  • Crockpot Granola w/Peanut butter (& half of an apple, sliced)
  • Crockpot Granola & milk, sprinkled with blanched, slivered almonds
Shopping List 
(Note:  A LOT of this stuff will last you well into week 2 and some will last nearly all month, so don't freak out if its more than you'd normally spend.  I've also never had to write this out for anyone other than ME to understand, so please be patient with me!)

I also tried to clarify when something is intended just for snacking, so you can get what your family prefers.

When specific quantities are listed, those are for my family of 6-7

Produce Grains Dairy Meats Frozen Foods
Almonds, whole & slivered
Sesame Seeds
Salad Fixin's, choice
Red, Yellow & Green Bell Peppers (2-3 each)
Baby leaf spinach
Garlic 1-2 heads
Zucchini 4-5
Apples (snacks)
Oranges (snacks)
Bananas (can be over-ripes to freeze)
Salad Greens, enough for 3-4 days
Yellow Onions
White Onions
8oz White Mushrooms
16 oz portobello Mushrooms
bag of Parsnips (look like white carrots:)
Sweet potatoes (for fries)
Flaxseed, whole
Steel Cut Oats
Whole Wheat Lasagna Noodles w/ flaxseed *
Brown Rice
Dried Black Beans
Unsweetened cocoa powder
Whole Wheat Egg Noodles
Whole Wheat Rotini

**Whole Wheat “Sub” Bread
**Whole Wheat tortillas
**Whole Wheat Bread Dough
**Whole Grain Pita Bread (2 meals)
Low-fat Ricotta Cheese
Low Fat Cottage Cheese
Feta Cheese
Block Parmesan
Part Skim Mozerella Cheese
Bag of Mozz Cheese Sticks
Non Fat Greek Yogurt
2 lg All Natural Plain Yogurt
Low Fat Sour Cream
All Natural Eggs 3-18 ct
3-4 lbs Lean Ground Turkey
Uncured lean ham
Flank Steak, 1 lb
Chicken Breasts (enough for 3-4 meals)
Tuna, in water 2 cans/pouches
Carton Beef Stock
Carton Chicken Stock

Large “Industrial Size” can of Tomato Sauce AND Diced Tomatoes
baking soda
baking powder

28 oz medium firm tofu

Raw Honey or Agave Nectar

All Natural Peanut Butter, Cashew Butter, Sesame Butter or Almond Butter (or get several and make nut butter dip!)
Frozen Veggies of Choice
Mixed Veggies
Green Beans
Frozen Fruits, your choice smoothies, yogurt & porridge

Chili Powder
Sea Salt
Olive Oil Cooking Spray

Protein Powder. This is a staple in our house, keep some vanilla or chocolate on hand for a quick dose of protein:)
If you want to have homemade bread with any of your meals instead of store bought, you'll also want to buy:
  • Whole Wheat Pastry Flour
  • Unbleached Flour
  • Vital Wheat Gluten
  • Yeast
  • Finely Ground Corn Meal

Also, In response to my last post and the comments that I received, I made a few new pages that you can find on the tabbed bar on the 'homepage' of the blog.  One is "What IS Clean Eating?" and the other basically explains how I make my menu  plans and shopping lists.  The last one is  to give you an idea of what our kitchen looks like.  When I'm out of a lot of things, having pretty much ALL "clean" foods in the house makes it easier to cook up clean meals, even if I haven't done a good job of planning!

If you have any ideas for other 'pages' you'd like to see... let me know.  I plan to do a shopping trip to Reasors and post photos of the sections where I find my clean foods and grains, since some of them are not in the areas you might expect... and there is nothing more frustrating that running all over the store wasting precious time looking for some weird grain that no one seems to have heard of!