Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Clean Eating #38: SUPER easy and fast Spinach Chicken with Onion "Noodles"

Super Quick & Easy Spinach Chicken with Onion "Noodles"
It looks a LOT better with a white onion, but as you may have heard, I'm still snowed in and all I had was one red onion.
PREP DAY Notes:  Cut chicken breasts into cubes and sautee with a tiny bit of coconut oil and seasoning listed below.

Red onions do look very pretty all sliced up, though
Ingredients (this is SO simple!)
Chicken breast Cut into cubes or strips
McCormick's Rotisserie Chicken Seasonings *My absolute favorite seasoning of all time!
8 oz of frozen or fresh spinach
1 large onion
1 tsp coconut oil

Heat coconut oil in a skillet on medium until melted and hot.
Add the thinly sliced onion (& cut chicken if its not precooked)
Dash of seasoning
Add the Spinach when the onion begins to get soft.
Another dash of seasoning
Put a lid over it for a few minutes to help it cook faster and not need any more oil.
Add the chicken if using precooked
Another dash of seasoning (not kidding, this stuff is FANTASTIC!)

Serve it while its hot... oh, and add another dash of seasoning.

Delicious and UBER healthy.

What I'd do Differently Next Time:
Definitely prefer it with sweet white onions.  That's about it, though.  This is seriously heavenly and really healthy.  I ate this dish once a day for two months last summer because I loved it so much.  Plus I lost about 20 pounds at the same time.  I need to get in the habit of doing that more often!  (eating this, not losing 20 pounds)

Fitness Blog
Speaking of which, since I'm snowed in (Yep!  I said it AGAIN.  You're lucky I don't type it every time I THINK it today!) I started a fitness blog to go along with my fitness goals and progress.  You can see it here Fit at 40 if you're interested in a fitness challenge or just for fitness related information.