Saturday, January 15, 2011

Clean Eating #22: Bistro Steak Salad w/ Sweet n Spicy Fries & Roasted Green Beans Sesame Seeds

Bistro Steak Salad
Salad:  I used some of that cooked flank steak, sliced REALLY thin on some red leaf lettuce & baby spinach.  Topped with pecans and feta cheese... YUM.  Served with Sweet & Spicy Fries and Roasted Green beans.  My hubby LOVED this meal, as did all three of my kids that were home!
Roasted Green Beans w/Sesame Seeds

During my freezer cleaning debacle, I came across these poor green beans that had been opened by some little munchkin who sweetly left the bag open so that whilst cleaning the freeze, I could pull it out by the bottom spewing frozen green beans all over the kitchen floor.  Another distraction?  Why yes, it was.
Anyway, the ones still in the bag looked to be possibly salvageable, so I made one of the girls favorite side dishes Roasted Green Beans w/Sesame Seeds.  They were fabulous as a side with a few strips of flank steak.
I added a little bit of black pepper and some sea salt with onion (Paula Dean spice I found on sale at Walgreens for 50 cents, yay!) and viola!  A yummy, healthy snack.  I roast these in the oven with the oven fries and hope I don't get too distracted.  The nose makes a great timer if you plan ahead. *see below

Did you know? Sesame seeds are a fantastic source of calcium as well as many other nutrients.  Open Sesame!:)

Spicy Sweet Potato Oven Fries

Super easy.  Just cut your sweet potatoes, drizzle some Safflower or melted coconut oil over them, toss them in oil (I prefer a big bowl with a lid so I can shake the crap out of them)
 then sprinkle with chipotle pepper powder or your choice of spicy seasonings.  

Bake at 400, turning them regularly until soft.  Oh crap.  I should have paid more attention.  Well, honestly, I put them in the oven while I make other things and when I start to smell something burning, I quickly open the oven and turn them.  I toss the few smaller burnt pieces so the kids don't know.  If anyone here is really good at the timing thing, you can comment and let me know correct times.  Otherwise, it always helps to cut a few pieces extra thin/small to be your timer.  Just so you know.

These are DELICIOUS and need no dip or topping. Honestly, I love these so much.  I like the 'normal' oven fries we make, but those always need ketchup.  These are perfection all on their own!