Wednesday, February 2, 2011

For my readers & fellow Bloggers: VYou, a new venue for online networking, sharing, etc.

I was introduced to through one of my livejournal friends.  The concept is really interesting.  Basically, you take a webcam, make a profile and a silent video "intro" kind of thing.  Basically what people will see when they are looking at your profile.  A moving profile pic, you might say.  Kinda cool.

The neat thing about it is that people can type in questions on your profile, and then you answer them on camera.  A little more personal than just a bunch of typing!  You can get the inflection, see gestures, etc.  It sounded fun, so I set up an account.

Quick points:

  • You don't have to have/make a video in order to ask questions, but you do need to have an account.  Its free.
  • Some creepers of course will get on there and ask weird questions, but you can just ignore them or tell them to go jump in the lake.
  • If you wanted to ask a food prep type question, or something that would be easier to "Show" than type... go ahead, log on and ask away!

My page is HERE and if you want to ask me something, feel free.  It seems like a fun new way to connect with people outside of our local friends.  And a great way to give a new twist to your online activities!