Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tulsa Blizzard Snow Storm aka Stormaggedon:) Clean Eating #35: Hot Cocoa

Okay, sorry for another non-food based post, but WOW!  

The Great Tulsa Snomaggedon!
*Bonus Clean Hot Chocolate Recipe, aka, it IS a food post after all!
Yes, I made Sasquatch go make a snow angel just so I could show you how much fun we have, even in the cold.  See how happy & full of joy he is??  If you really want a laugh, click here for the VIDEO!
Waking up to 3 ft snow drifts and my husband getting both of our vans stuck in the driveway trying  get to work is relatively rare.  Well, unheard of for us!  The post office is apparently not delivering mail anyway, but wow... a lot of snow for us.

I realize this is nothing compared to some places, heck, I grew up in Iowa where it snows like this often.  However, here, where they aren't prepared with tons of snow plows and such... its different.

The girls were super impressed with the drifts around our bus.  I got cold way too fast to stand there taking photos, though... so I sent Jaedin and Sasquatch out to take photos:)  They love me so much!
On Frozen Pond... which apparently turns it this weird mustard color.  Yum.
And now, to go make some 'clean' hot cocoa for the kids, because I have a feeling they're REALLY going to want it when they get back in here!

Clean Hot Chocolate!

4 Unsweetened Chocolate Squares (this was actually WAY too much, see below for cocoa mix "variation")
1 tsp of coconut oil
4 Tbsp Powdered Sugar replacement *Ideal
4 Tbsp Brown Sugar Replacement *Ideal
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
8 cups of skim milk
You can chop the cocoa squares to make it melt faster.

Gah!  How I LOVE the look of melted chocolate!  Add a touch/teaspoon of coconut oil to smooth things out.
Melt the chocolate squares in a sauce pan on med-low heat with the coconut oil
Add Sweeteners, cinnamon & vanilla to melted chocolate
Add HOT or warm milk and stir vigorously with a whisk
If, like I did, you make it WAY too strong... viola!  Pour half of the hot cocoa mixture out of the pan into a storage container, then add the extra milk to your pan to lighten the flavor.  Now You have "hot Cocoa MIX" to put in the fridge, making your children think that you love them TRULY because you made extra for them to have tomorrow!  Add to hot milk, and there you go!


Really, she's happy, not quite as... crazy as she looks!
Hot Cocoa on FoodistaHot Cocoa
Happy kids!  We had our hot cocoa with Groats Porridge (with almonds and bananas sweetened with Ideal brown Sugar and Eggs cooked with clean hashbrowns & some veggies.  We'll be sure to have fish & salad for dinner to even out all these sugary treats!
The kids went out and made an extra shelter for the animals right next to the back of the house out of the wind where it seems to be the most warm.  The girls were nearly in tears over the snowy animals.