Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Clean Eating #5: Chocolate Walnut Banana Groats

About a month ago I made a wholesale food order through Country Life Natural Foods. I saw 'groats' and thought, 'Hey, that sounds healthy... I'm going to order some.'

I should know better than to make orders when I'm feeling extra scattered, but honestly, when is that not a fact of life for me? As it turns out, I put the wrong item number and ended up with a FIFTY POUND BAG. Yep. I got to the pickup place and saw it and thought, "Wow. Who on EARTH will use that many groats? Lol."

Then realized it was mine.  So, we've found a couple of things to use it for. First and foremost, it makes the most awesome hot cereal. I don't care for the mushiness of oatmeal, so groats are perfect. They retain just a bit of crunchiness
This morning's "Porridge" I ground up walnuts, sliced some bananas and added some cocoa to my oats.  I forgot to soak them last night, so it took 20 minutes to cook.  We've apparently gotten out of the 'RIGHT NOW' habit a little bit, though... or we're all just so tired that we don't have enough energy to be in a hurry!:)

We buy our bananas in the 'overripe bags' and peel & freeze for later.  It makes them MUCH cheaper.

This bag had nearly 6 pounds of bananas for $1.39!!  We usually buy the bags of organic bananas for the same price.  We bring them home and use a bag or two for bread and then freeze the rest.  Actually, even though they're sold as 'overripe' we've found that they are still good to eat for a few days.

Here is our finished product.  Paris didn't like it as much as the apple cinnamon kind, but the kids all liked it.  Especially Abyni, our banana loving monkey.

We'll use the leftovers to make clean cocoa-banana pancakes, probably tomorrow.  I puree the leftover oatmeal and make some pancake/waffle "mix" to blend it together.  The kids LOVE pancakes w/agave nectar.