Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Last Day to Submit to the Valentine's Day Spotlight!

Don't forget about the Valentine's Day Spotlight.  I will accept submissions until Midnight, Wednesday, February 9th.

Basically, here's the deal:  Send me a photo of yourself with your "Valentine" (It can be a spouse, child(ren), pet, parent, bff, anyone!) and then your favorite recipe to cook for them/romantic dsh, etc... comfort food, favorite meal at a restaurant for your date night...

Give me a brief description of your relaionship & why you chose them.  I'll link to your blog in the spotlight post.
my email is bynalways (@) gmail (.) com

On Valentine's Day, I'm going to post a photo of me and my hubby and our 'story' from 20 years ago when we met:)