Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Holiday Recipe Spotlight: Your Favorite Valentine Meal... & who you share it with!

A blogger friend of mine The Loudmouth, who has an awesome style blog did a special Valentine's Day post where she asked her readers to send in a photo and brief description of them with their special Valentine.  She had some amazingly creative and wonderful contributors and it really inspired me to try a version myself.

*FYI:  The Loudmouth is a grown up blog:)  She sometimes posts, in my opinion, great, thought provoking posts about things in fashion such as nudity in advertising, body image, etc.  Its not a kiddie friendly blog in everyone's opinion, I'm sure, so, forewarned is forearmed and means you can't complain if you go and are offended.

So, between now and Wednesday, February 10th, I want my readers to participate in a little challenge. 

Send me via email bynalways (@) gmail.com:

  • A photo of you with your Valentine (be creative, it doesn't have to be a spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend situation, choose a person or even a pet... heck a HOBBY if you want in your life who is special to you.  The person that you love, who inspires you to be a better person and regularly brings joy into your days.)
  • A brief explanation of why this is your Valentine
  • A Recipe or Link to Your Favorite "Fancy" or "Valentine" meal. **It does NOT have to be 'clean' or anything, just your favorite.
I am joining in with a "Valentine's Day party on a fellow Blogger's site as well if you'd like to join us!
I'll make a Valentine's Day Food Post the Weekend before Valentines Day and Spread the love:)