Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blog Hopping Snow Day, Children & Weight Issues, Valentines Last Call...

Blog Hopping, Snowed in Again Day...

I so want to be IN this picture!
Relax and Make Friends Blog Hop
I'm joining in Rachel's Reviews & Giveaways Blog Hop today, click the link and find some new blog friends!

So, I added a new page to my tabs.  I hope it doesn't spark any kind of issues, but I keep getting the question, so after writing a near novel yesterday to yet another friend with questions, I edited it a bit and posted it as a page Children & Weight Issues

I have my Valentine's Day Spotlight done and all ready to post... I'm excited.  I got some really sweet entries and I think you'll enjoy seeing them!  I'm just waiting to see if there are any more entries today and I'll probably post it Friday morning.

What should I make today?  
I'm thinking protein bars, granola bars or maybe cookies.
Ooh, and Chicken Fingers with dipping sauce!