Monday, February 7, 2011

Clean Eating #46: Simple Yogurt Cheese (Greek Yogurt Substitute) for sauces & icing

Simple Yogurt Cheese

One large container of plain, all natural low-fat yogurt.

You'll also need cheese cloth & preferably a metal strainer/sieve. 
*The first time I did this, I used a thin dish towel, some rubber bands and a plastic container and it worked, but not quite as well as this did!

Line the Sieve with 3-4 layers of cheese cloth.
Place over a container so that the kiquid can drip out without touching the sieve.
Fill with plain yogurt.
Leave refrigerated overnight.
In the morning, it should resemble the consistency of cream cheese.
Put back in original container and use as a replacement for cream cheese, for creamy sauces (tuna noodle cheese, beef stroganoff, etc.)
 Draining most of the liquid off seems to drain off a lot of the 'sour' taste of yogurt.  I really like how it tasted and how well it worked!

Use it to make Chocolate Icing for Black Bean Brownies (or anything, it makes a DELICIOUS 'real' tasting icing) or vanilla icing for Fruit filled Crescent rolls like our Apple Cinnamon Crescent Rolls.