Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blog Spotlight: Valentine's Day Recipes & Love Bubbles!

Let's celebrate this holiday by celebrating the love in our lives:)  Happy Valentine's Day Early! 
Thanks to all the bloggers who joined me in my first Holiday Spotlight!  I really enjoyed getting a glimpse into your lives and relationships.  LOVED the photos and the stories.  Thank you so much to Stephanie at The Loudmouth for the wonderful inspiration!
*I'll post my own story on Valentine's Day!


Belle of Codependent Beauty & Twinkie!

My Valentine is my puppy Twinkie!

My husband bought me Twinkie on my 23rd birthday, Twinkie is my Valentine because he's a big cuddle bug, he loves to run around with me, eat watermelon and chase squirrels! Twinkie is the best Valentine!

This is mine and Twinkie's favorite recipe
David & Emily of The Happy Home Blog
We just got engaged about three weeks ago, and I'm over the moon. We met several times over the past few years, but I'm such a doofus, I never remembered him! Two years ago, though, he made quite the impression, and he took me on some of the best dates I've ever been on. Love at third or fourth sight, sure, but he keeps telling me that I've always been his dream girl.
For us, our favorite shared food will ALWAYS be dessert! Here's our recipe, Rocky Road Brownies
Danielle of Yeah, I Said it & Colby
My husband of 14 years is my Valentine. He's a good man, y'all. A great dad, a strong Christian, a forester, and he knows his way around Lowe's. What more could a girl want?
My husband loves to make authentic Mexican meals. And I let him... My contribution is this Hearty Southwest Chicken Soup.

Holly of Becoming Mrs. Allan & Bill 

I met my husband Bill 11 years ago. I was 21, a new college graduate and my sister brought me to Newport, RI for a weekend away to celebrate my graduation. We went to a bar called the West Deck. I met Bill, started talking to him and dropped my drink. He graciously offered to buy me another. I remembered he had on a black shirt and khakis. I went to tell my sister where I was, i looked up and saw a guy in a black shirt and khakis with two drinks and went over and thanked him for the drink only to look up and wasn't Bill. I then looked over and saw an angry looking Bill holding two drinks giving me a dirty look for talking to someone else!
I moved back to RI to start lawschool a month later and we started dating. 6 years later we bought a house together, 2 years after that, we got engaged, and 1 year after that we got married!
Here's my favorite treat to make him!  Barefoot Contessa's Carrot Pineapple Cake

Paris of "Fashionably Paris" & Susan AND Freddy Alfredo
Yep.  She named her spatula.  Her SPATULA.  I must admit, it is the most awesome spatula we own.  She's still pretty strange, though.  Her other Valentine is also part of their favorite meal... "Freddie" Alfredo.  
Her blog is coming along, she's participating in the 30 for 30 challenge, posting her own fashion designs and her upcycled T-shirts.  Check her out!

K.T. of Dontcha Wish You Could Blog Like Me? and her husband
*I must say, this was my favorite blog title EVER!

My Beau and I "met" about two years ago through my then work.  We both worked in different aspects of the IT field and he occasionally would drop off printers at my office to be repaired.  It wasn't until last spring (shortly after my husband and I had separated and I had filed for divorce) that he came to my office every week over the course of a month.  It seemed like every time I turned around, there he was.  And one day, he got the courage up to say the sweetest thing ever (he never knew how much it meant to me at that time), "Your husband is a very lucky man".  Yep...that was the line.  He didn't realize we had been apart for sometime.  I told him that day that I was going through a divorce, but thanked him for what I hoped was a compliment.  A few weeks later, he showed up AGAIN with the same printer to be repaired (I wondered then if we were doing THAT bad of a job or if he was just breaking it to see me!).  That day, he asked if I had plans that weekend...and seemed rather nervous...went to his car...then came back in with a note for me.  He'd written down his number with the silliest and cutest smiley face ever on the note and said if I ever wanted to do something to give him a call.  I waited a few minutes after he left and text him...we've been together ever since...and I can honestly say - I came from a horrible-very abusive and nasty marriage into the best thing God ever could have given me.  A man who loves and cares and accepts matter what..and has stood strong beside me in the hardest days of my life.  I am VERY thankful for him.  Every day with my Beau is Valentines Day!

I knew I was head over heels in love with him the night a tree fell on my house, and he showed up with a carton of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey to share with me.  Yes...he knows JUST what a woman needs when her emotions are all over the place:  Ice cream and chocolate!!!  

Shirley aka Black Swan of Luxury Haven, Ken & Jonathan
Ken & my Valentine's Day have been a threesome affair since the birth of our son, Jonathan.  They inspire me to create new recipes & make better food. The pix was taken @ Singapore Night Safari, where we'd celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary on Halloween Nite. The Peachy Chicken Roll is one of my fave recipes which I'd made in 2009. Here's bringing you happiness, with love from S'pore!"

Jamie & Chris
I chose my amazing husband to be my Valentine this year as well as for the past 13.
He works hard, is dedicated to his family and our relationship is one of unique design!
He is a true treasure and I am beyond smitten with this man!!!
'The smile on your face let's me know that you need me, there's a truth in your eyes sayin' you'll never leave me.'
I chose this picture because it was completely spontaneous and our photographer snapped just in time to capture the moment!  I LOVE IT!!!

My husband will eat anything I cook but my salmon 'recipe' is probably his favorite dish.  We are having it tonight!  This year to celebrate Valentine's Day we will probably go to Olive Garden.  We have a gift card.  Our date night will be practical that way but that's what makes it nice.  We can enjoy each other no matter where we are and we are committed to our budget so I can stay home and school our 2 beautiful boys.  Boys who I love spending time with as do others.  That just proves they are awesome!

Thank you Byn for the opportunity to recognize different relationships and posting this so I would take a minute to focus on the blessing I have in my husby!

Keep an eye out for our Next Holiday Spotlight featuring you and your mom on Mother's Day!