Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jamie's Salmon Recipe for the Valentine Spotlight

Jamie's Valentine's Contribution
Salmon Recipe:
This isn't much of a recipe because I just squirt a bunch of 'stuff' in a bowl and pour it over the top of the fish.  There is no measuring so these are just guestimated amounts.

6 palm size salmon filets (my palm is about 4"x4")
In a bowl mix:

about 1/4C maple syrup

one heaping Tablespoon yellow mustard

3-4 sqiurts of lime juice from one of those little faux plastic limes

2-3 cloves garlic pressed

2 pinches red pepper flakes

Line your broiler pan with foil making a wall around the edges so the marinade doesn't spill over.  Place Salmon on foil and pour mixture over the top of the fish.  If you don't have enough marinade, make more.  Broil until done.  I consider it 'done' when it has a dark crispy, carmelized crust around the edge of the fish.  You really can't mess it up but it is SO good!