Thursday, February 10, 2011

The One with Cabin Fever, A scared Sheep & a Denim Jumper

Thanks to the bizarre stretch of snow and blizzards in the Tulsa area, life was at a standstill for almost a week for us.  My husband watched a snow plow slide backwards into a ditch in front of him... weird.

Our first day out of the house was on Sunday, when we went out just because we could.  Because if momma's starting to get more twitchy than Kari "It's like Carrie, but with a K instead of a C an AH instead of an AY and one R instead of two and an I instead of an IE." then its time to get out of the house, even if for no other reason.
The above gif also may explain why most of my kids are elsewhere today.  Just sayin'

Goodwill shopping... always a good time.

Look!  Its a denim jumper!!  I AM a homeschooling mom after all!!  *Just kidding, I mean I AM a homeschool mom, but you wouldn't believe how many years I was asked, "I thought you all had to wear denim jumpers" like it was a cult with a dress code!
See how it hangs, just so?  How flattering it is?  My son was so happy, he had to give me a hug.  And my husband was grinning from ear to ear.  Okay, so he may have been laughing at me.  I'm not sure.  The camera was in his face.  Sprite was scared.  "Oh mom!  Stop that!"

The Eclectic store (where we found the much bigger pizza stone for $10.00  Now I can bake more than one loaf of bread at a time!)  I tell you, you'll find anything interesting and entertaining after a week stuck in the house with four kids getting crankier every day!

My hubby and sons want to redecorate the living room now...

We finally got to see Sprite for a few hours after she got snowed in with the family that she nannied for last summer.  This is my oldest daughter, who graduated last year.  Technically she still lives at home, but we don't see her too terribly often.

Guess what this is... I betcha can't guess!

You're RIGHT, BigLots!  That IS UNBELIEVABLE!!
I'm telling you, we were just GIDDY to be out.  It didn't take much to make us crack up.  You might need to save this post for when you've been snowed in for a week.  Or you're drunk or something.  This may not be funny to normal people.

Okay, so you can't see the sheep's scared face, but trust me, this guy was TERRIFIED that I was actually going to sit on him.

Sasquatch found what he thought was a good deal... "Mom, Can I have some Bacon Shells and Cheese, Please?"  Ummm... yeah... that's gonna happen.

I could not for the life of me get a photo with the boys NOT chewing!  Honestly, I took about 5 photos and they are chewing in EVERY one, even though I stood there in Subway saying, "STOP EATING FOR A MINUTE"!  

And there is my little girl, eating a cookie instead of a sandwich.  Healthy choices, FTW!

And finally, to the grocery store.  Look at all that bread!  I'm so glad we make our own bread, bagels, etc and don't buy bread off the shelves anymore anyway, but wow!

The only eggs that were left were the little 6 packs of eggs and the really expensive organic eggs.  I got the last 2 1/2 dozen box that no one took because the box was all mashed up... even though the eggs were fine.  My husband apparently couldn't resist taking the photo with me in it.

So there you have it.  We went home and got pretty much snowed in for another four days.  But lets not talk about that now, shall we?  What did you do for fun last time you got out of the house?