Monday, January 31, 2011

Your Best Recipes... And What's Coming Up!

I have a recipe featured on "Your Best Recipes" a monthly round up of 'best' recipes by food bloggers.  And boy, are there some awesome looking recipes on there!  I found a few just at first glance that I definitely want to make (or make a clean version of).  Have a look!

At first glance, these are the recipes that I liked the idea of making, either because they are already clean or I could easily make them clean and they definitely fit my family's tastes!  I also incuded some that I found whilst going through my 'friends list' of favorite blogs.

Blueberry oatmeal cookies from "All That's Left are the Crumbs" When I saw the title of this, I knew I'd love it.  I love putting blueberries into everything!  Yay!

Poached pear dessert by one of my favorite food blogs, "Sandra's Easy Cooking" (see that "easy" in the title, yep, I like it!:)  And I think the whole family will really enjoy this treat a LOT.

Stuffed ricotta peppers from  These will definitely become a family staple!

Rawfully Tempting has another treat (Cuckoo for Cacao Pops) that would be a GREAT snack AND directions on how to sprout your quinoa.  Definitely giving this a try!

And, of course MY favorite recipe of the month Sweet & Spicy Stir Fry

Super Bowl Sunday is coming, and I have a list of recipes I'm going to make this week.  Including homemade salsa and home made tortilla chips.  Guacamole, Chicken "fingers" with dip and Clean Jalepeno Poppers as well as a sweet treat of Fruit Salsa with Sweet Cinnamon Chips, thanks to my fellow Zumba instructor Maggie's suggestion!  This will be in addition to my Meal Plan that I posted last week.  My February shopping day is tomorrow... assuming I don't get snowed in.