Sunday, January 2, 2011

Clean Eating #2: AWESOME easy Tomato Sauce(s)

We love tomato sauces so much.  I can make a huge pot of sauce and it will be gone in under two days.  Even when I make the kids eat it with "healthy" whole gran pasta and bread.  Today I made two different types.  One more marinara-ish, one with heavy veggies. 

I have a couple of kids who are vegetarian, and we all like our sauces fairly... chunky, so the added veggies were a bonus.  I'll make some turkey meatballs for those of us who are still carnivores. 

Paris is weird in many ways, but some are very useful.  For instance, she loves grating vegetables.  Strange, right?  I know!  As a matter of fact, the Bean is weird, too, because they were fighting over who got to do it. 
They also like grinding up seasonings... strange little beasts, they are.  It saved me scads of work, though, so its all good.
Although I try to avoid buying ANYTHING in cans (since I can't seem to find BPA free anything), I actually buy the 'bulk' sized canned crushed tomato and diced tomatoes ("Es"?  no "E"??  I can never figure it out.  I apologize for my grammatical uselessness) mainly because I can't find any substitute that works for me.  We buy fresh tomatoes in the summer at farmer's markets, but the ones at the store are just... eh...

I tend to throw a little bit of everything in my sauce.  The above spices, sauteed onions, roasted garlic, shredded carrots & zucchini, beef broth and I just keep adding stuff until it tastes good.  Which is a wonderful way to cook and be free... until your husband reminds you yet again that 14 years ago you cooked the best sauce ever and have never managed to replicate it once.  You'd think at some point this would cause me to measure and write down a recipe.  Yeah, not happening.  But now I have pictures!

Now we have sauce to have with our spaghetti & meatballs casserole from my Clean Eating Magazine AND sauce for our whole wheat pita pizzas this week.  And, of course, dipping sauce for our whole grain French Herbed Bread that I'll be making tomorrow.  Yay!:)

I usually make a small pot with green peppers & mushrooms for my Hubby and Kainan just so that I don't have to eat them.  Yep, I am probably the pickiest eater in the family after Abyni!