Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Clean Eating #8: Prep Day, Omelettes & Notes on CE

A BIG Difference.  I'm not Hungry.

Since I'm truly eating clean... I'm not hungry.  Hardly ever.  When I eat a meal, even though it seems so... SMALL... I am full.  And I STAY full.  My protein shakes fill me up until its time to eat again.  Eating all whole grains, raw fruits and veggies and always pairing my fiber with protein has made a big difference in how much I eat.  I am purposely NOT trying to lose weight at the moment, because I want to focus more on developing good habits first.  I'm assuming that just focusing on having good habits will at the very least help me maintain the nearly 30 pounds I already lost, but will make it easier when I am ready to lose those last stubborn pounds.  I have a feeling if I try to force more weight loss right now that it will just creep right back on if I haven't developed better habits first.

Another Bonus?  My sugar craving have disappeared.  It is even "that" time of the month and I'm not craving anything sweet.  THAT is a big change for me.

I think Wednesdays will always be food prep days.  Sundays probably as well, but Wednesdays are pretty free days and Thursdays are crazy busy ALL day long.  We're often out of the house from 8:30 am until 8-9:30 pm on Thursdays... as I said, its crazy.

Kainan sliced the pork tenderloin and the flank steak for our future recipes Flank Steak & Oven Fries and Pork Stir Fry.

Abyni made meatballs (We cook them on cooling racks on top of a pan so the fat drips off)

I chopped a bunch of veggies for omelettes.  I only eat egg white (and a half a yolk because I broke one when filling my bowl:) but the rest of the family eats whole eggs.  Kainan and Patrick like mushrooms and green peppers, so I end up sauteeing a bunch of different things in small pans.  I'm much more strict witht he clean eating for myself than I am for the kids.  As long as they're eating healthy, I'm good.

"Boy" veggies for omelettes

"Mom" veggies for egg white only omelettes

Finished Mini Omelettes.  Read to wrap and refrigerate so they're ready for a quick breakfast or snack.

I make my omelettes in my mini single serving size pans and try to make a few ahead of time. 

But I want a FASTER way!!!
Bake them in individual serving dishes.  I bought some individual serving crockery once at a sale and they work great for cooking crustless quiches that I can freeze.  You can also use mini muffin pans the same way.  We did that for prom a few years back and we loved having the mini quiches in our freezer.