Monday, November 5, 2012

Super Easy Camp Fire Roasted Potato, Onion & Cheesey Bake

Roasted Potato, Onion & Cheesey Side Dish

For "Clean Eating" my husband and I stick to baked onions to top our steaks with... the pescatarians eat grilled fish, and Kainan chose grilled chicken.  Whatever your tastes or restrictions, this is a super simple way to make an amazingly deeply flavored side dish for your meal.


  • Set out some pieces of foil about 18" long (this is a good "assembly line" type of family prep if you like)
  • Using coconut butter, oil the foil, leaving just 1-2 inches around the edge
  • Add your choice of vegetables (we've used garlic, onion, potato, cheese so far **Slice the potato into somewhat thin slices, and make a short stack.
  • Fold the foil and wrap up tight.  Since our foil this time is the cheap stuff, I  used two layers... the turning of the packets in the fire can be a little hard on these little packets!
  • Once your camp fire (or grill) is hot and has the hot coals *don't put the packets in the direct flames*, put your packets in the hot coals.  After 8-10 minutes, use grill tongs to carefully turn the packets. 
  • Another 8-10 minutes and you'll have scrumptious baked onions/potatoes!

Grilled onions are fantastic as a steak topper!

The steaks, fish and chicken... I have to admit, my mouth is watering just remembering how good this was last night!

What are your favorite fall dishes? 

(Ie:  I need new ideas.  I'm bored with my own ideas!:) 

I must admit that this year, Fall has definitely won out for my favorite season.  The weather is gorgeous, I am in love with our new house and yard... and things are shaping up to so well, I am ALMOST happy to see winter get here.  Okay, not really.  Unless its really REALLY mild, I'd really prefer to just go straight from fall to spring!
The kids sitting by the fire eating dinner.  Look at all that wood in the background that they  helped chop & carry today!