Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Clean Eating #133: Memorial Day Vacation Tilapia and Onion Campfire Bake

Campfire Tilapia & Onion Bake
Scroll down for the recipe if you don't want to see our vacation pictures:)
When we first got there, we got everything out and started putting up tents.
We had an inadvertent 'set up the tent competition' and the little girls pretty much won:)
They haz mad skillz:)
 Actually, I think the fact that the girls ALWAYS play together, and the boys COMPETE with each other, it makes the girls a much more formidable team, even though none of them have ever put a tent together by themselves before.  Actually, I think it was only the second time they'd even helped.  We haven't went camping often:)

All of last weeks flooding (see the tree TOPS just poking out of the water?) and storms resulting in "big waves" for at least the younger kids:)  They had an absolute BLAST "riding the waves" on their swimming noodles:)

Paris and Abyni jumped right in, first thing, even though the water was too cold for the rest of us.  They are like little fish!

Off to find a good place to kick off to ride the waves back to our campsite.  I think this may have been one of their favorite things to do... or at least what they spent the most time doing.
 Tilapia and Onion Campfire Bake

Ingredients (*For one meal/serving)
EVOO or Coconut Oil
2 Medium White Onions
Tilapia Filet
Tone's Citrus Grill Seasoning
Tone's Citrus Grill, 10.5oz
Oil the foil with your choice of oil, all except the edges.
Add your thickly sliced onions
Top with Tilapia Filet
Sprinkle with Tone's seasonings

Wrap the foil tightly sealing the edged thoroughly by folding several times.
In the campfire (or oven set to 400), scrape some hot coals to the side of the fire and place your double wrapped foil packets directly on top of the hot coals.
You can also cover with hot coals to cook faster, but we rarely do.
Cook for about 15-20 minutes on each side.

The finished product?  WONDERFUL!!!

I actually made several different variations of meals this way this weekend and in the past when we lived on the bus.  I posted some of those as a guest blogger... so please go check it out!

See my Guest Post at my fellow blogger Kelsey's blog: ChicnSavvy Reviews "Campfire Potato & Cheese Bake" for some other variations and some vacation Video of the Bean jumping out of a tree into the water!:)

Thanks for stopping by!  What did you do this weekend?