Friday, November 2, 2012

Clean Eating Recipe: Beef Burgundy Pot Roast & Veggies

I was inspired by this recipe that I ended up at when I was reading the Paleo Blog.  I've been researching the whole "Primal" or "Paleo" diets for a while, because carbs have always been a... bad thing for me.  I like reading about diet, nutrition and health regardless, but since I'm soon going to be doing the 90 Day Challenge, I think the issue is more in the forefront of my brain lately.  This recipe is NOT Primal/Paleo, the above recipe IS... but it definitely inspired me to want some pot roast:)

I added a lot more carrots and potatoes, because I have vegetarians in the house, and those are their preferred veggies when it comes to a pot roast type meal.
My kids are SO weird.
It has been SO nice lately, we've been having our meals on the back deck.  I'm loving this weather!
2-4 lbs.* of Steak, Roast, basically BEEF!:)
*I use less meat because I'm cheap and because two of my kids are vegetarians, so we don't need as much. Plan accordingly if you have a bunch of carnivores in your house or they might revolt.)
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
1 bottle of Red Wine
1 32 oz. Box of beef brother
1 32 oz. box vegetable broth
3 16 oz. cans of tomato sauce
3 lbs. onions quartered
2 lbs. of potatoes quartered
2 lbs. of baby carrots (or regular carrots, chopped)
1 tsp. garlic salt
1/2 tsp. worchestershire powder
2 tsp MsDash Garlic & Herb seasoning

OPTIONAL:  2 Tbsp of Almond Flour or Corn Starch for thickening

First: Heat the oil in a skillet on high
Add the steaks and sear for just a minute on each side to help seal in juices.

Second:  Toss everything else in the crock pot, except the potatoes (unless you don't mind slightly mushier potatoes... and I don't, but if you do, add those later because they cook faster than everything else:)

Next, you have three options:
A) Use a big enough pan in the first place
B) Use half the ingredients so that it all fits in your 5 qt crockpot.

Or C) The option I inadvertently chose:
When its time to add the potatoes, realize that you don't have any room left.
Transfer half of the ingredients to your spare crock that you have from the last crappy crock pot you had.  The base doesn't even exist anymore because it was so crappy so you have to use the oven and heat the entire kitchen because you didn't think ahead.  
*I don't recommend this one unless its really cold outside, and then I most definitely do.

Cook on high in your crock pot for 4-6 hours or in the oven at 350 for 3-4 hours.
If you add cornstarch or flour, put that in a separate bowl with some of the liquid and make sure you have all the lumps out before adding to the stew.  Leave the lid off for the last half of the cooking time to let the sauce thicken.

Optional step #3:  While that's cooking, realize at 4:50 that it is indeed Thursday and that your youngest child has gymnastics at 5:00.  Rush out the door... get back and still have dinner cooking because crock pots are awesome that way.

Finish with a lovely family dinner with your crazy children on your pink and brown deck.**


 I am SO in love with our yard!  And this weather!

**If you don't HAVE a pink and brown deck, I apologize profusely for getting your hopes up.  If you don't have crazy children... you can borrow some of mine.  They'll rub off on yours and soon you will have your own crazy children.  Really.  I've seen it happen.