Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dictate my Blog Day #1: What do you want to see?

I'm going to start something new.  I am lacking inspiration.  Sadly lacking.  I am going through some amazingly rough stuff at the moment, and I am desperately in need of some distraction AND ideas.  I'm begging you... MOTIVATE ME!!!

My first chosen Request is here in my blog post about making cupcakes for a poor college student.  Where you can learn my very creative way of making cake that is ready to ship through the USPS!

So, here's how it goes.  Leave a comment with a suggestion of something I should accomplish or at least something "new" to try on my new weekly series "Dictate my Blog Day".  You can leave something random, and something food related.  Each week I will choose one food to try and blog the recipe and results here by the following Monday.  I will ALSO choose one random suggestion and blog about it on my Always family blog.


Food suggestions:  
Must be healthy, it doesn't have to be 'clean eating', but I will probably alter any recipes that aren't to stick with my blog theme.  365 Days of Clean Eating obvious blog title is obvious, although I guess I never did specify that they would be 365 days in a row... :)
You can suggest a recipe, a meal idea, a type of food (do something with bacon!  Make something with a kumquat, because the name is funny!) or some random grouping of foods that you would like to see made into a meal.

Random Suggestions:
It has to be legal.
It has to be affordable (you know I'd love a suggestion to go to the Caribbean and go kayaking, but trust me, that isn't happening any time soon)
It needs to be something I can actually blog about in some sort of interesting manner, and no, my blog is not a sex blog, so I don't need suggestions in that department, either.
Be creative.  Think fun, think embarrassing, think interesting, but whatever you do... COMMENT!
I especially love suggestions that benefit someone ELSE...

If anyone wants to join in, next week I'll make it a link up type thing and we can refine the idea for everyone to join in!

Comment with your thoughts, suggestions and whatnot!