Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Clean Eating #150 Cream of Potato Broccoli Soup

I've actually been getting some requests for more clean eating posts, and the whole 365 Days of Clean Eating didn't specify that I'd do them all in one year, now did it?  (It actually might have, but for now, we're going to pretend it didn't)

My cooking brain is completely blank.  Other than the not so clean eating cream of potato soup I made last night when I inadvertently put way too much liquid in my "Dr. Seuss Twice Baked Potatoes" when I purposely set out to do something new and unusual!  I love experimenting and making yummy food for my family!

I don't know whether to call this soup or mashed potatoes, but since I already posted about mashed potatoes, I'm going to call this soup.

Hmmm... Honestly, it was a LOT more "soup" last night!!!  Apparently in the night, little elves came and drank up all the liquid the potatoes absorbed all of the excess liquid.  Hmmm... I might have to add MORE liquid and make it look all soupy again.  You know what, on second thought, I'm too lazy, so you can just squint and pretend it looks more soupy:)

5 pounds of potatoes, chopped and boiled until they're soft
2 bags of frozen broccoli
1 12 oz bag of shredded cheese
3 cups of frozen spinach
1 large onion
1 carton of vegetable broth
Skim milk, if desired for more 'soupy-ness'
**To make this more 'clean', replace about 1/2 of the potatoes with Cauliflower &/ puree some cookied white beans in with the potatoes.
Salt/garlic salt & Pepper to taste

Add frozen veggies to the boiling potatoes when they're almost done.
Drain the whole lot
Add too much vegetable broth, because you need to ruin your plans for twice baked potatoes that you didn't want to wait for anyway.
Throw in some cheese to cover your mistake.
Puree half of the veggies until smooth
put the whole thing back on the stove and tell your family "Look!  We're having Cream of Potato Broccoli Soup!  I learned how to make creamy soup today!"

Onward my readers...
Anyway, I got a bulk food order yesterday.  Nine pounds EACH of almond butter, peanut butter and Sesame Tahini as well as a huge bag of whole wheat rotini pasta, a gallon of raw agave nectar and a large bag of slivered almonds.  I'm going to try some new recipes for granola and protein bars!

Any ideas?  I'm definitely going to mix some of the nut butters and tahini together to make apple dip again, and as a sandwich spread... what are your favorite recipes that include nut butter or Tahini?  And look at these awesomely cute containers that I can reuse when the stuff is gone!

Give me your suggestions for future recipes and what you'd like to see more of!  (If you say more brownies and cookies and unhealthy food, I will know that its really you, Kainan, my teenaged son... I can TELL!)