Friday, January 7, 2011

Clean Eating #11: Lunchbox or Snack: A quick & easy sweet nut butter dip

Easy Sweet Nut Butter Dip

Your favorite natural nut butters (try something new!), mild flavored oil, honey/agave nectar for a touch of sweet.  You can also add a touch of cinnamon for some variety.
We used:
Sesame Tahini
Peanut Butter
Cashew Butter
Coconut oil
Light Agave Nectar
*I will add Almond butter next time, but I love it on its own, so we're usually out:)

I bought this Sesame Tahini a while ago and just finally remembered to use it.  The oil and butter had separated, as it does with natural nut butters, and I could NOT get it to blend together... so, off to the mini blender again (I am so getting my money's worth out of this thing!:)  It was a lot runnier than I expected it to be when it was finished.
I drizzled the Tahini over my apples and tried a bit of cashew butter and natrual peanut butter as well.  The Tahini was too runny and messy, the other butters were way too...hard and dry.  So... off to the blender again!

I added a little melted coconut oil and some Agave Nectar and made little sweet nut butter dip cups for the girls.  They LOVED it and had it with apples and celery for snack time.  Definitely a keeper that I'll be taking to co-op and anytime we need to pack a lunch!
My girls enjoying their snack:)

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