Thursday, May 26, 2011

Laughter is the Best Medicine: Hilarious Wisdom Teeth Boys

And yes, now that my trauma inducing wallet loss has been remedied, I can post all the tons of recipes I had on the SD cards that were IN the lost wallet.

While you wait, feel free to watch these fun youtube videos of my boys!

Jaedin's funniest clips (I had almost an HOUR of footage to go through!)

"Ellen is AWESOME" "why's that?" "I'm not exactly sure..."

Kainan was SO sad!! I didn't take much footage of him, and ended up trashing the majority of it because he was just crying and it made me sad. It CRACKED him UP, though, and he said I could post it. He thought it was hilarious... go figure:

Please feel free to share around!:) and there are three more on youtube, including the hilarious one with the boys together in the car on the ride home.

I need a laugh now, too!!  Comment with your funniest youtube video link or pictures, blog post, joke... ANYTHING.  Help me laugh today, PLEASE!!