Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Special Occasion: Fancy Prom Foods!!

For the past three years, my husband and I have put on a prom for the area homeschoolers.  There is always a good turnout and the kids have a blast.  I make most of the food and get some help from other moms.  In past years we had things like cheesecake squares, chocolate fondue dip for fruits and cakes, mini quiches, sweet and sour meatballs, etc.

This year our theme is "Hollywood" and its our last year here... before we move out to be closer to Hollywood (how fitting:)  So, I wanted to have some extra fancy things.  We don't really have a whole meal, just some finger foods and desserts for the kids.  Last year I bought a bunch of wine glasses at a closeout sale... this year I'm going to have my servers (younger kids) make trifles in those wineglasses, which the guests can then keep as one of their momentos.

I found some fantastic trifle ideas and I will be making some thick puddings on Friday, another mom is making shortcake and I'll be bringing ready to cut fresh and frozen fruits as well as whipped topping for those.  Now I'm stuck looking for interesting protein type things.

We usually have a photo scavenger hunt with groups of kids before prom, dance lessons and lots of fun.  This is a slideshow from some favorites over the years.

If you have any favorite recipes for 'fancy' protein finger foods type things, ideas to fancy up anything, let me know!:)  We are on teh last minute countdown now... three days to go!  I'll post updated recipes, ideas and whatnot after prom this year.