Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Clean Eating #106 : Momma Bear's Kick Butt Flaming Hot Sauce

Flaming Hot Sauce Base

2 cups of peppers, diced (I used the above peppers, 3 jalapenos, 1 pablano, 4 habanero, 1 each red, yello & orange sweet mini peppers, 2 serrano peppers and one red chili pepper)
1 large carrot or four baby carrots
Juice and pulp from two oranges
1 cup of apple cider vinegar
1-2 cups of tomato sauce (depending on how "red" you want your hot sauce)

Soak the chopped peppers in the vinegar mixture for about 20 minutes.
Throw everything together and puree in the blender until it resembles something like baby vomit.  Or grown up vomit, I guess, since babies probably aren't chugging down Habeneros.

Anyway, it looks pretty gross, so don't focus on it.  Just dump it in a sauce pan, add your tomato sauce and let it simmer for a while.  About twenty minutes or so... or however long it takes you to get this image out of your brain:

After that, it looks more like 'normal' hot sauce.  I guess the tomato sauce helps a lot.
Take the sauce and pour into pint canning jars with lids.  Boil ON A RACK in a covered pan for about 20 more minutes and viola!  You're good to go.  I put half of ours in the freezer since I didn't have proper canning seals and all that.

I made this for my uber picky, really misses his now no longer in our store "Pain is Good" hot sauce and he REALLY liked it.  I made it first without the carrots and OJ, and that was... "eh, okay" but THIS, this was THE ONE.  I did it!!!  I made "The" best hot sauce.  I can rest now.  And it only took me three tries.  That's pretty EPIC (yeah, that's a quote directly from the kids:)
Pain Is Good, Batch #114 Jamaican Hot Sauce, 6.7 fl oz
This was his favorite FAVORITE Hot Sauce ever (and my hubby loved it too... it was flavorful before you noticed the HEAT, which apparently in my man's land a really good thing)... until they stopped carrying it at our store and Momma Bear took over.  Perhaps I should name mine Momma Bear's Kick Butt Hot Sauce??