Saturday, March 12, 2011

Quote of the Day: "OMG WE HAVE CHEERIOS!!"

Since starting my blog in January, I've been pretty strict with what's allowed int he house.  Treats have been frozen pizzas on Superbowl Sunday and I think I bought frozen yogurt once.  Other than that, I don't buy unhealthy food anymore.

Well, hardly ever.  I will admit I have a weakness for Cadbury mini eggs.  I'm sporting an extra 5 pounds of Cadbury brand padding right now.  PMS and Cadbury are a force I can't overcome.  I'm okay with that.  I know that I'm destined to gain 5 pounds every March and I will deal with it.  I'll even admit it on my fitness blog.  Later.

Anyway, yesterday all but one of my kids were gone and I was seriously unmotivated.  Seriously SERIOUSLY unmotivated.  I was doing everything in my power to avoid doing housework, so I grabbed my oldest son in a fit of PMS-y fussiness and we went to Walmart.

I was in such a weird space that I let him buy a brownie mix to bake and take to game night.  Then I let him get the Multi-Grain Cheerios (I bought them on sale once and the kids LOVED them).

Later we left for game night and forgot the brownies on the table (Of course, because you knew I wasn't going to remember them).  The girls got home and found brownies.  And thought that I had lost my mind.  I got home and they were asking,
"MOM!  There are BROWNIES IN OUR HOUSE!!!"  
"Are you okay?"  
"Did you have a reaaaaaallllly bad day?"  
"Did you have a really GOOD DAY?"  

It was like David at the dentist.  No joke.

It was entertaining, I must say.

Then this morning, I'm talking to Sprite in my room and I hear screaming in the kitchen (Literally, SCREAMING)


Sprite JUMPS out of my bed and runs to the kitchen where Paris and her proceed to fight over MULTIGRAIN CHEERIOS.  

My family... weird.  I love it.