Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tip of the Week: How NOT to make Bagels. Or how to make slug bread...

Tip of the Week:
How NOT to Make Bagels
I couldn't bare to start the post with a photo of the slug bread.

Bagels are super easy, they really are.  However, you have to follow the directions.  Which probably implies reading them first instead of asking your distracted wife how to do it.

My hubby decided today that he wanted to try out his "everything" bagel dough.  I was busy blogging, so he just asked me how to do it. Step by step.  Then he stopped asking because he assumed it was common sense.

Important step he skipped?  "After they are done boiling, use a slotted spoon to transfer to a clean towel, flip so the towel absorbs the excess water"

And unless your goal is giant slimy slug looking things, this is a very important step.  Seriously, the slug bread honestly, literally triggered my gag reflex.  Just thinking about it *shudders*
Jaedin, "Careful mom!  I think that one's getting away!"
He set them on a plate after they boiled, trapping the excess water into the bottom of the bagels, leaving the bread super wet and soggy, even after baking.  The inside looked like... snot was strewn throughout the dough.  NOT edible.

However, all was not lost.  Well, all of the bagels he made were lost.  Thankfully we have more dough.  And thankfully, the braided loaf he made was AWESOMELY perfect.  Thank you honey:)

The texture was the best yet!  I LOVED it and its almost how Patrick wants it.  He's wanting a more crusty bread, so it will have to be brushed with EVOO first.  He apparently forgot.
Isn't that beautiful?  I think I'll keep him:)