Monday, February 28, 2011

End of the Month Round Up & Questions??

Here I am again, at the end of another month.  And guess what? 

I spent over $400.00 LESS on groceries this month!

Yep.  I spent less than $800.00 on groceries for 7 people.  I feel really good about that!

And that even includes a wholesale shop through buy where I bought 50#s of whole wheat flour and a pound of yeast that I haven't even touched yet!  Plus, I still have tons of groats and popcorn that is untouched ready to use over the next few months.  And my freezer isn't bare either, I still have a lot of chicken breasts, tilapia fillets and veggies.  Along with a gallon of frozen marinara.  I think I'm getting the hang of this!

So... the question is, what are YOUR requests?  I've had several people ask for vegetarian ideas, so I will be making a lot of those this month.

I am still working on the mac & cheese request!  I made some the other day, but it was NOT good.  My least picky child ate it anyway, but honestly, it was a bust.  All grainy and... ick!

I will be making a grocery list and meal plan again tonight or tomorrow and going to a big grocery shop on Wednesday. 

One thing I need to focus on is lunch-type things for packing.  We have a couple of days where we really need to be able to pack foods that don't need reheating, and my hubby needs things that he can take to work.  I need to make some more varieties of protein bars as well.  What kind of things do you pack for lunches... beside sandwiches?  We like to do park days when both my hubby and I have the day off, but we always end up at a loss as to what to pack to take along. 

What do you want to see this month?  What were your favorite recipes last month?  Did you try out a recipe that really worked for your family?  Any questions or suggestions?  Let me know!

I always get to the end of the month and realize that I never did make some of the things I'd planned.  Chicken Pot Pie, for one.  I have to make that soon, before it gets too warm!