Saturday, February 5, 2011

Clean Eating #40: Super Bowl Nachos w/ Salsa w/No Mess!

When making our own tortilla "Chips" We prefer to just leave the (corn or whole wheat) tortillas whole, then chop them after cooking.  This makes for easier "nacho" type things as well, since the cheese doesn't get everywhere.  It works best with soft taco size rather than burrito size.  SO much easier and LESS MESS!

Ground Turkey Nachos and Homemade Salsa

corn or whole wheat tortilla
spray olive oil
low fat cheese
lean ground turkey
chopped green onions

Lightly spray the tortillas with oil.
Place on a cookie sheet under the broiler on 450 for a minute or so (watch carefully! These will burn FAST)
Turn over when lightly browned and toast the other side.
Top with your favorite nacho toppings, toast until cheese is melted and serve with homemade salsa!