Wednesday, January 26, 2011

February Focus: Planning Ahead for Family Friendly Clean Eating

February Focus
Family Friendly Clean Eating
I want your suggestions!!

So, February is going to be focused on Family Favorites getting "cleaned up" as well as "Quick and Easy".  Do you have a family favorite that your kids love, but it needs to be a little 'cleaner'?  What are your family's favorite snacks?
What???  WE have to eat Healthy TOO!?!?!?!

I know a lot of us are on a tight budget, so I'm going to try and make the majority of my posts economical as well as family friendly.

One dish meals are great for me, being easy with less clean up, and having the ability to have even two big prep days a month makes SUCH a huge difference in the ability to keep up with a new eating plan.  We actually only ended up having Three semi-big Prep Days this month.  I think that it could easily be turned into two big prep days and still make life so much easier in the long run.

What are your challenges in getting your family to join you in eating "clean"?  Do you have picky kids?  A picky husband?  Do you just have no TIME to plan/shop?  What are your family's favorite dishes that could be gradually 'cleaned up'?  Some people do better with gradual change... I do better with abrupt and big change, but I know most people aren't like that.
Do your normally adorable children react like this to healthy dinners?
What are your Goals?
If you just want to try and get yourself &/ your family to enjoy one clean meal a day or to start cleaning up all the food you eat... comment with your challenges and we'll see if we can figure out some recipes, some tips and ideas to help you out!

Me?  I'm hoping that I can have healthy, happy children who rarely ever get sick, have plenty of energy and fairly stable moods... and do NOT wake up looking like this in the morning:

Let me know how I can help you or make things easier for you to join us in eating healthy.  Would you like to see meal plans and shopping lists?  Prep day lists for specific meals for the week?  Any suggestions are welcome... I tend to just do what works for us, but let me know where/when you need or want more information.  I sometimes assume that everyone who reads this is already used to cooking and baking everything, and therefor forget to include things.  Point it out if I miss some info you need! 

I look forward to hearing from you!