Thursday, January 6, 2011

Clean Eating #9: Whole Grain Healthy Apple Cinnamon Groat "Porridge" Pancakes

Clean Eating Apple Cinnamon Porridge Pancakes
*For the leftover oatmeal/porridge/cooked oats
If at First You Dont' Succeed, Try, Try Again... until your kids like the food enough to eat it!
*My final recipe is at the bottom
You can do this with any flavors.  We especially like chocolate banana or apple cinnamon.

Today my hubby was home for the morning and we were both up for breakfast before the kids, so we had our coffee (I have mine with flavored liquid Stevia) together with our omelettes and fruit.

I decided to use the leftover apple cinnamon groats from a couple of days ago to make some pancakes.  I do this often with wonderful results... usually.   However, I normally don't measure anything.  Apparently measuring throws off my natural 'how to' because the first ones...


Badly.  The texture was awful and they were just... slimy or something.  I could barely get them to flip.  So, the first two went in the trash.

I made the kids "syrup" by sauteeing some apples with a little coconut oil, cinnamon and then adding dark agave nectar.  This was a HUGE hit once I got the pancakes right.  They LOVED them.  I try not to have too much in the way of sweet tasting stuff because it triggers sugar cravings badly, even if I have it along with protein... but yeah, they were a pretty good topping on the pancakes!

**I realize that there are some questions about Agave Nectar... and I probably won't buy it again until I can find a raw/unprocessed kind.  HOWEVER, feeding a family of 7 on one income is already a challenge, so I can't afford to not use what I've already bought in bulk.  I will continue to look into the issue, but for now, for us, its something we'll be using.
The kids don't care for the 'chunky' texture of the groats in their pancakes, so I used the blender to puree them a little.

After a few tweaks, I got them pretty much right.  I think my issue may have just been that the last time I made groats, I used my leftover applesauce and the 'porridge' ended up being of a different consistency than what I normally use.

Apple Cinnamon "syrup" and the extra pancakes that we'll stick in the fridge for quick eats.

The first "correct" batch of pancakes that Jaedin gobbled up.  The rest of the kids loved them... even healthy food critic Kainan.

Paris and Abyni tried theirs with some vanilla yogurt (not a clean food as it had added sugar, but if you're a yogurt fan, you could certainly make some natural flavored/sweetened yogurt to top them with)
Final Recipe (I make a LOT generally because they freeze/hold up well and make for great quick breakfasts/snacks later on.)
3 cups of cooked or leftover porridge/oatmeal (We used apple walnut cinnamon for ours)
3 1/2  cups of milk
1 - 3 eggs or 3 tbsp of Greek yogurt (This is what I did, because I was out of eggs and was probably the cause of my initial failure... oh well, alls well that ends well!)
4 tsp baking powder
pinch salt
4 cups of whole wheat pastry flour
3 Tbsp of wheat germ
3 Tbsp of ground nuts
2 Tbsp melted coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinnamon

Mix dry ingredients first, then add liquids & mix well (puree in a blender if you want smoother textures)

Cook at low-medium until the edges are dry and the bubbles are 'popping' through the tops of the pancake.

Any other ideas for flavors?  I know now that I should have researched egg replacements before just using yogurt.  I've used yogurt as an egg replacement many times for muffins and they were fine... but I didn't think about the difference between pancakes and muffins.