Sunday, September 5, 2010

Squatch: Pizza Crust and taco pizza (W/last minute help from P&J

We usually replace the butter with coconut oil, but Squatchwasn't aware of that, so he didn't.  Coconut oil is an AMAZING product and is SO good for you!!  I also use sea salt instead of regular salt.
Pizza Crust

First off, I have to say that Squatchmo is our oldest student doing this project, and the most sarcastic.  He has an amazing sense of humor and keeps us all laughing pretty much with anything he says.  I decided half way through that I was going to have to video tape his next project, because I could never convey the levels of funny-ness contained in this process any other way.

Squatchmo decided to try a new recipe from called "The Best Pizza Crust".  I don't know if Sqatch messed up, or if the recipe didn't call for enough water in the first place, but we had to add twice the amount of water because it was extremely dry.  We also used half wheat flour.
Squatch Reads his recipe, making funny comments about everything.

I also had to remind him half way through to level the flour on the measuring cup by scraping a knife across the top instead of packing it down, so that probably had a lot to do with it.  I did, however look back in the comments which said that more water was needed.
He was acting like somewhat of an idiot at this point.  Man, I REALLY wish I had thought to video tape this.

Kneading is always a fun chore for a messy 15 year old... le sigh... I'm going to have to start cleaning lessons soon.

The cover with a towel and leave in the bowl until it rises a bit.  We left ours on top of the warm stove for just an hour or so because we waited so long to get it started.

Then life broke in, as its known to do.  I was working really hard on... okay, I was on facebook, the great time vacuum, when I saw that our derby team (Green Country Roller Girls) had a bout tonight.  MAN.  I am still too sick to go, but it was against a local rival and Hubby really REALLY wanted to go.  Squatch LOVES derby as well, so Father and son decided on a nice bonding night... watching girls on skates annihilate each other for sport.  Go Thunder Dollz!!!!  (Yeah, I'm a derby girl in my free time:)

So, that means that when MsP comes downstairs saying, "Mom, when is Squatch going to make that pizza?"

I get to say, "Oh yeah.  I forgot.  Um, you wanna make pizza?"  So MsP and MrJ got to finish the task:

The crust was REALLY tough to press out.  I think next time I'll stick with our old recipe and use it instead.

MsP adding the lettuce and tomatoes
Smashing the Doritos  (yeah, I know, unhealthy!!  But we already had the whole wheat crust and the home made beans and the kids were going to mutiny if I didn't allow the doritos!!  I must find a suitable replacement for that particular 'crunch' and anyway, its not about taking out ever last single unhealthy thing, but making conscious, healthy choices on a regular basis and becoming healthiER.
MsP & MrJ finished the pizza because in spite of not wanting to do extra work, they also didn't want to wait until 10pm to eat pizza!

Maybe the crust was fine as it is, the kid's groans of delight certainly made this pizza a major HIT!