Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nutrition Homework for kids!

We used to do a lot more cooking and have gradually gotten out of the habit.

So, for Nutrition & Fitness (at the request of one of the moms who hates to cook, actually) its their homework to cook healthy meals.

Basically, thanks to the kids homework for Nutrition & Fitness, I have a cook 4 nights a week. They have to make a healthy meal from scratch (no mixes) once a week. They post their pictures of their ingredients, work in progress and their family dinner on our facebook group. Its been really awesome!

I made a checklist of categories that they could choose to cook from:
Choose one category each week until they're all checked off. The point is to learn to make healthy choices and to try new things, so don't fix the same old things that you've always had.
Once each week, cook a healthy, well rounded meal for your family with/from...
fish as a main dish
chicken as your main dish
beef as a main dish
a vegetarian main dish
wraps as your main dish
something packable for packed lunch or picnic
something you've never tried before
“Fix” an old favorite to make it healthier
gluten free ingredients (the entire meal)
a different country
a different country
a different country
a healthy pizza dish
soup as a one dish meal
a one dish meal
healthy, DIFFERENT soup and sandwich meal (Find some new and interesting sandwich ideas as well as soups.)
make an old dessert favorite healthier

Its already making a difference in our grocery bills, since we're buying bulk items again like dried beans, flours, etc. It should make a good difference in our health as well. I made the above list so that the families with several children in the class weren't stuck with the same category all in one week.... then 3 of MY kids chose Mexican dishes to make this week. Taco Pizza, Tacos/taco salad and enchiladas.

Were rediscovering some favorite recipes from the Redwall Cookbook and the 365 days crockpot site I used to use and LOVE and discovering some new ones along the way.