Sunday, September 5, 2010

Super Tacos by The Bean, age 9

The Bean's homework was up first! She chose "Super Tacos" as her meal.

Our ingredients (and just so you know, we rarely EVER measure ANYTHING, so take it with a grain of salt. Or a pinch. You'll have to learn to compensate for your own tastes if you use our recipes!):

Super Tacos
soft taco shells
hard taco shells
refried beans (we generally make our own from dried beans because its cheaper and healthier, I'll post that recipe tomorrow)
taco seasoning
ground beef (we usually buy our ground beef in bulk and cook it up that day, freezing it in gallon sized zip lock bags to be used in such an occasion as this!)
sour cream
hot sauce
taco sauce

The Bean cut up the veggies whilst the meat simmered on the stove with the seasonings.

MsP preparing her first steps:
Refried beans on the soft taco shell, then place the hard taco shells on top, wrapping them together. This is a much easier process when someone (Not naming any names here) remembers to buy soft taco shells as well as regular tortillas! But the intrepid children did well at compensating. Double Super Tacos!

Then add what you like and make your Super Taco! The soft shell adds an interesting variety of textures and keeps your hard taco shell from spilling everything all over the place when it breaks! Viola!

Squatchmo like tacos:

As does Dad!

Now, for some reason, we RARELY think to have tacos. I'm talking maybe once a year, but every single time we have them, the kids rave about how yummy they are and how they could eat them all the time. Hopefully this little blogging endeavor will keep it in the forefront of our brains!