Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No Clean Eating... Well.. No money...

There have been no new posts because honestly, I am out of 'new' food.  Its crappy, but we're not starving, just bored with the current stash of potatoes and grains.  At least we HAVE food!!

We've been down to whole wheat flour, popcorn, groats,potatoes, yeast and some eggs for a week or so (other than the occasional veggie/fruit that I find on clearance for a great deal that I can stretch a bit).  My husband gets paid every other week... and after being out of work for pretty much the entire year last year (and I work VERY part time), we're still playing catch up.

Add to that vehicles breaking down, and needing gas to get to work, well, variety in the kitchen isn't the priority.

I plan to really plan and budget hardcore with this week's check, though, and do a much better job at stretching our food dollars.

Which means Saturday will be a major prep day and then I will have all kinds of yummy budget friendly goodness to share:)  Plus, my son has picked a couple of gallons of blackberries to sell at the farmer's market on Saturday, so maybe he will come home with some fresh fruits and veggies that I can experiment with as well!

What are your favorite inexpensive meals?

What do you do to stretch the food budget between paychecks (assuming you live paycheck to paycheck like we currently are)?