Friday, May 6, 2011

Audition for a TV Show! Also, A look at my totally Random, FLY BY THE SEAT OF MY Pants life!

No Cooking OR Clean Eating Today.  
I'm Auditioning for a TV Show tomorrow!  And I am SO not prepared.

But my husband took me out for an amazing meal because he's just that awesome (so I didn't have to cook, but I shouldn't have eaten what I did because now I feel like crap AND I'm nervous!)

We've been getting more and more involved with acting, but focusing mainly on our two youngest daughters because they have expressed such a passion and drive for it.  My husband and I both enjoy acting as well, but the drive has been on them for the most part.

This is my youngest daughter singing a song I wrote for one of my plays.  She is absolutely adorable and THRIVES on stage.  She LOVES it.

This is my middle daughter being one of my narrators on stage... in a very unusual way. Probably like no narrator you've ever seen before:)

Because of this interest, the girls have taken some workshops at a semi-local casting agency.  That means we're on their email list and that we get casting notices.

Yesterday I got this casting call:

Auditionees will  interview and if possible sing/play piano and Sing.   Whatever talent you might have that would make a talk show more fun and interesting.  A pianist will be available for you.  Maybe do a pretend cooking segment. You could really do any kind of a product demonstration just like you would if you were hosting a show.  As with most talk show/interview shows it is all about personality.  This is open to men and women ages 21-50

I was like, "Wow.  SERIOUSLY??? I could DO that.  No.  REALLY, I could do that.  I COULD."

Then I thought, "Wow.  Could I do that?  Yes.  I could.  I'm going to go for it!"

I mean, why not?  This is no time to hesitate because I'm totally unprepared.  Since when has that EVER stopped me from doing anything?  As a matter of fact, most of the absolute best times/events in our lives are from moments just like this.

For instance when I was sitting in on my kids rehearsals for Alice in Wonderland night after night at the theater and thought, "Wow.  I could do this.  I think I might even be good at it" a few weeks later I ended up making 37 costumes in 10 days because the costumer apparently dropped out.  After I came through with flying colors, the Producer asked if I'd be interested in directing the next youth production.

Then followed three years of intensive theater involvement.  It led to me writing, directing and producing several plays myself and those were some of the absolute best experiences of my life.  Here is a clip from the first play I wrote (And, btw, the stunning one in the pink is my oldest son:)

When we lost our house to black mold and decided to go live on the road for a few years... we packed up the 5 kids, and lived on the road for nearly three years.  That was amazing.  I painted on motorcycles and we traveled around through 32 states painting at rallies.  These are some of the types of things I painted.  Motorcycles, leather, helmets.  And I did etching on windshields as well.  It was a nice way to support us when we were traveling.

Heck, even when we moved to Tulsa.  My husband and I had been fighting the 'rut' in our lives for a year or two, trying to move to the next town over, feeling a pull for CHANGE.  We finally decided that maybe we wanted to move out of state, decided on Tulsa and 3 weeks later, we packed up the UHaul and moved here.  Three weeks before my youngest was born.

I know this is the most random post, but I'm just so excited, on first, tired and EXCITED and nervous.  Yeah, I'm a little bit nervous.  But anyway, at the heart of it, I just had to share the excitement:)

Here is the song that I think I'm going to sing for the audition tomorrow... the rest of the audition?  Who KNOWS?  I have no idea which particular aspect of my talents I want to try to fit in there! I'm a very... eccentric, quirky and unusual person.

Feel free to leave comments on youtube (especially for my daughters, they LOVE comments!!:) if you actually watch/like any of these videos!  Wish me luck on Saturday because I will be needing it!

Have a fabulous weekend and Mother's Day!