Sunday, January 23, 2011

The One with a Shopping Date, Santa on a Bicycle, Flying Pigs & Kitchen Stuff!!! Yippee!!

The One with a Shopping Date, a Santa on a Bicycle and hilariously horrifying flying Pigs.

Yesterday was not what I was expecting.  It was far more wonderful and strange... When my husband and I finally dragged ourselves out of bed at nearly Noon, we decided to go on a day-date.  The kids were thrilled with a  'free day' and I was thrilled to get a day out of the house with my honey.

Things started out a little... oddly.  I finally got to see Tulsa's... Infamous Bicycling Santa who has a sign on his back that says, "Will Sing Naked"
See?  He was happy to see my camera, too!
Yes, really.  He is somewhat... a local character that I've heard of and never seen.  The elusive bike riding Santa!  The man who upsets motorists by clogging up traffic with his slow moving pedaling.
I got paid yesterday, so Patrick and I gave ourselves a budget and went shopping for some kitchen stuff.  Most important, of course... a Pizza Stone.  We found this one at Target for about $13.00  There is one through Amazon here: Bialetti 3 Piece Pizza Stone Set that looks to be the same.  I can not wait to try this out today!

Notice how its buried under some dishes?  That's because I got NEW DISHES!!!  I can't ell you how thrilled I was to get to go to shopping for new things.  I'm pretty easily entertained.

I was in dire need of a few dishes.  We were down to 3 old plastic dishes that were just... gross.  Stained, cheap, greasy plastic.  I also wanted to get some 'pretty' dishes for photographing meals on... but I am uberfrugal, so I didn't want to spend a fortune.

We looked at Garden Ridge and found a couple of bowls, but I really didn't want to spend $1.49 a piece on dishes stuff, so I didn't buy much, except a few of these Libbey Tempo Square Bowl Set of 12 that they had for sale individually for cereal and such.  I LOVED them!!  I feel so fancy now with square bowls:)

Then we stopped by Salvation Army for some workout clothes and I saw all of these amazing dishes, ranging from 50 cents to $1.00.  Yay!  Not as cheap as a garage sale, but since there are no garage sales to be found in the middle of the snowy streets, this will have to do!  I also got some little ramekins with great fitting lids for 50 cents each!  *I did find some later at Marshalls that came with a set of 4 for $6 on the clearance shelf, so that's a place I wouldn't have thought to look for kitchen stuff
I Also picked up this book because it was making my husband drool:)  The recipes look fantastic!
We had lunch at Pei Wei.  I had the Spicy Chicken Salad and it was wonderful.  Not terribly "Clean" but it was really yummy:)  I have no problem treating myself occasionally:)  And besides, now I am aware that:

And how else would I have learned that lovely little tidbit?

Oh yeah, I have to share this.  We were walking through Garden Ridge when I came around the corner and saw this: 
 Yes.  They actually sell life-sized knights in shining armor.  I was going to get one for a friend, then I realized they were EMPTY.  No knight in shining armor after all.. just an empty shell.   I actually made a couple laugh at me because I was standing there like an idiot with my mouth hanging open in shock:)

To end the day, the giant wall Pirahna says, "Have a Nice Day! Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom!!!"
Look at the outright dorky look on my face... I was trying not to crack up at this absurd fish.  That my husband actually LIKED.  Thank goodness we can't afford giant fish wall hangings!
Have a LOVELY, wonderful, relaxing day!  I'll be back later with a food/recipe post... and a link to my account for anyone interested!