Thursday, January 20, 2011

I am a sexy BEAST. I need recipe/meal ideas! A.D.D. Deux & BREAD Bread bread!

You know those clothes you feel all sexy in?   This is not it.
I have no warm clothes, so I am wearing my hubby's big black sweater thing.  I went to our room to get something, and he got 'that look' and said, "You look incredibly sexy in my sweater."  I checked, and yes, he was serious.  This is me in my hubby's big, shapeless sweater. Did anyone ever see that movie with Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn "Housesitter"... where he complains that she keeps dressing in her sexy clothes... like a big baggy sweatshirt?  That is my husband.  With less hair.  That's a funny movie, btw.  I need to rent it again.
Not only am I not wearing any makeup, but I haven't even combed my hair.  See the look of disbelief on my face?  Silly man.  I love him and his love goggles.  Not everyone would be willing to post thier photo online in this kind of state, let me tell you.  This is what I look like in the mornings, although sometimes my hair is sticking up in the back.  And my roots don't show up much because I'm REALLY going gray quickly.  Probably all these teenagers around here.

Anyway, school is out because of the snow, so I don't have to leave and teach art today.  This means I can experiment with some more recipes!  Can you spot the difference between these two photos?

Healthy ingredients for my "Eat Clean" bread baking day!
This was actually the first photo.  See?  My husband's most assuredly NOT clean BACON in the background.  He wants me to say that at least he was eating it on my clean bread with healthy eggs and mozzerella cheese, so it wasn't totally unhealthy.  He's lost 13 pounds doing this whole eat clean thing, so he's allowed a treat... since he wasn't really TRYING to lose weight in the first place.
Advice, Please?
I have a kitchen full of most of the ingredients for a lot of things, but have yet to find a full meal.  I DO have three different kinds of bread dough mixed and ready to rise, though, so we'll have plenty of bread for my bread freaks this week. 

What would you make?
Prepped chicken breast, flank steak & lean ground beef
Prepped chickpeas, navy beans and kidney beans
Frozen broccoli... oooh!  Just had an idea!
Frozen, peas, mixed veggies, spinach and corn (Oooh!  Had another idea!)
Whole wheat flours
Whole wheat pasta:  Egg noodles,, penne pasta, couscous
Whole Grain rice
and, of course...
Dried Beans galore
A variety of spices
We're really low on fresh produce, so all I have is green leaf lettuce, green onions and a couple of apples.

P.S. Do you ever have those brief moments in life where you think, "Wow! I did it! That was so awesome of me!" You know, kind of like a mental pat on the back.
Until you realize that you were slightly mistaken...
So, this morning I was giving myself a big pat on the back as I found the cookbook right where I put it last night... in my school bag. Even though it was an unusual place, I still went right to it. Right. To. It!
Until I got back to the kitchen and realized that I had left to go get my flavored sweetener from my purse. I wasn't even intending to look for my cookbook at all. Oh, pride. You silly thing. 

This book is awesome.  I love it more today than I did yesterday.  I'm feeling silly with how much I love this book.  Over 300 pages of YUMMY easy bread... yeah, baby:)  Come to think of it, the fact that I was somewhat covered in flour and smelled like home made bread MAY have had something to do with my husband finding me sexy... he really loves his bread...