Monday, January 3, 2011

Clean Eating #3: Divine Tuscan Bean Spread

I've got a confession.  I've never tried hummus.  Personally, I always found the appearance, color and texture to just be... well... ick.  As I said yesterday, I think I'm one of the pickiest eaters in the house!

Until the last time I made refried beans into dip and realized that refried beans (which I ADORE) tend to look just as unappetizing when they're being made.  So, I figured if something that looks like that can be so good, maybe white beans would be just as good.

So, today I made Divine Tuscan Bean Spread from Clean Eating Magazine

Soaking Chickpeas (I made way too many, so after cooking them til soft, I froze 2/3rd in freezer bags to save this step next time!)

Navy Beans soaking (again, I made too much... but my freezer had a bit more room, so there you have it.  I'll just pretend like I did it on purpose to save the cooking time!)

After soaking all night, I put the beans in separate pans on the stove and cooked them on medium to med high heat until they were soft.

Then we added all the other ingredients to the blender and pureed it.  The Roasted Garlic that I made yesterday came in handy.  I think I will ALWAYS do my garlic that way and keep extra in the fridge.  We use it so much, I can't see why not! 

My ingredients, lemon, garlic, EVOO, coconut oil (Paris and I prefer the taste of coconut oil to EVOO)  beans and seasonings.

I used these spices to flavor mine, in addition to fresh cilantro.  We tried it without the Rotisserie Chicken (spicy... pepper type of seasonings) and didn't like it half as much...

Paris and I REALLY liked the dip.  I think Kainan and Patrick will really like it if I can get the right balance of "hot", since they seem to like everything spicy.  I can't wait to see if my hubby likes this.  It was super easy to make and I think it would taste great with raw veggies, too!