Saturday, January 15, 2011

Clean Eating #21: SUPER fast & easy Mexican Pasta

Just to prove how quick and easy it is... this morning whilst I waited for my water to boil for my morning tea and coffee (Yep, I make both at the same time because I know I'll want them both, but I never know what I'll be in the mood for from minute to minute:)
These are my favorite teas, and coffee.  In addition to the liquid Stevia Clear,  I also use vanilla flavored stevia in my coffee sometimes.  Our French Press is my hubby's favorite thing since his ebay espresso machine broke.
Anyway, back on topic, from my post yesterday, when I didn't have photos of my pasta... while the water was boiling, I went ahead and mixed up a quick batch of Mexican Pasta.  This time I used extra lean ground turkey instead of flank steak, because that's what I had.
My son literally came running down the stairs saying, What is that?  Is that Mexican Pasta?  Can I have the one with cheese on it?  And he immediately sat down and had Mexican Pasta with a bagel.  Next time I will definitely make a batch of vegetarian pasta with black beans instead of meat for everyone to try.