Friday, August 31, 2012

Dirty Birthday Dinner: Grilled Cheese w/Apple Slices and CAKE!!!

Grilled Cheese w/Apple Slices on Pumpernickel Bread

Okay, so its not really a "dirty" meal... but it doesn't fit the "Clean Eating" standards.  That's because today is my youngest son's 16th birthday!!!  Wait.  That must mean that I'm getting old.  Huh.  Its not so exciting anymore.  
Family dinner minus the two oldest.  And me.  Well, I'm THERE, I'm just behind the camera. 

I picked up a loaf of pumpernickel bread off of the clearance shelf at Walmart.  Grilled sandwiches work wonderfully with day old bread!

Pumpernickel or Rye Bread, Apples, Swiss Cheese and Butter or Coconut oil and we are set!

Butter/Oil one side of each slice of bread (the girls don't like rye, so we used white for them)
Place swiss cheese slice, then apple, then another slice of swiss (our slices were THIN)
Grill like you would any grilled cheese sandwich:

I can cook on a double burner griddle, two pans (one for the vegetarian baked beans, one for the meat lovers) AND a pan for veggies and I STILL have one burner leftover!

We served with a side of  homemade baked beans.  YUM!!!

Then it was time for the truly "dirty" part of the evening... fudge cake made by my daughter, Paris, for Jaedin's birthday!

We cheated and just used a mix.  Why?  Because... I'm a bad mom and I forgot that today was Jaedin's birthday.  Everything has been so hectic this summer with the move, we STILL haven't celebrated Kainan's 17th birthday from June OR Patrick's birthday in July, or MY birthday OR our 18th anniversary.  The move just downed our entire summer!

He's 'cool' with it, though.  Notice the ".  He is such a goof ball... this has become his "pose" for photos, unless he's doing his Trekkie thing.  *Shaking my head*  You just never know.

Happy Birthday, Jaedin!  And the rest of you, go try out this weird grilled cheese idea!  My family loves it!