Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spicy Foods to Keep You Feeling Cool in the Heat!

Okay, so this may sound strange, but did you know that if you eat REALLY spicy foods, it can help your body acclimate to the heat better?  Not necessarily make you feel cooler, but it helps your body adjust to suddenly being in the heat.

My husband discovered this a few years ago when he found that working out in the extreme heat was suddenly draining him a lot more than normal.  I guess we must be getting old?  Anyway, he added salt to his diet (because we avoid salt so much, we tend to rarely use ANY, and that's not terribly good when you're going to be out sweating like crazy every day).  But really noticed that when he loaded up on super spicy peppers, he'd handle the heat better.

So, on that Note, we're going to be making spicy foods for this week!  Yay!