Friday, March 18, 2011

Featured Friday: Misto (Oil Mister) Review

Guest blogger #2:  A longtime internet friend of mine, we've known each other through online journaling for quite a few years.  I consider her one of my closest friends.  Her blog is Susy Sustainability and is full of great information on living a healthier life.  This woman's strength, intelligence and dedication to her family is amazing, I strongly encourage you to go see her site and learn!

Misto:  A Review

So in our purge of chemicals in our lives I got rid of the cooking spray. This I replaced with oil & a pastry brush. That, while providing excellent coverage, was a royal pain to use. I looked for an oil mister. I saw many but all of them had very bad reviews. So I kept using the pastry brush for months. After a number of months I figured there HAD to be a better way. Back online I went.

This time I found a video in response to all the complaints about the Misto oil mister. It showed that you should only fill it half way at most; that you must pump it at least 10 times to use; and that the largest angle it can spray is 45 degrees. It was only $10, so armed with this info, I ordered one.

I've followed the directions on the video  and I really like the Misto mister. It needs a lot of pumping, 10 times doesn't get too far. And you will need to spray most things twice (or perhaps just slower than I do) to get sufficient coverage as this isn't aerosol but these seem like small things to be without chemicals or a pastry brush.

I plan to order a 2nd one so I will have one for canola oil and another for olive oil.

And there you have it!  Don't forget to check out her blog at Susy Sustainability!

I think I will definitely be trying this out!  We've been wanting to get rid of the aerosol as well.  Thanks for the review!

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